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my mind.

2 July
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i'm fucking crazy.

action action, alcohol, alexisonfire, alkaline trio, almost famous, arma angelus, armor for sleep, asc, at the drive-in, atreyu, autopilot off, bands, bane, bass, bedlight for blueeyes, bill and ted, black jettas, blink 182, blood for blood, boys night out, brand new, brazil, carretta, cartel, catch 22, clandestine, coheed and cambria, concerts, cursive, dance dance revolution, dead kennedys, death cab for cutie, denver harbor, drive-thru records, drugs, drums, dumb pickup lines..., duran duran, e, edgar allen poe, emanuel, emery, emo, fall out boy, feeling left out, fenix tx, finch, fizzlewink, fob, foreverdown, forgive durden, french, from autumn to ashes, fugazi, funeral for a friend, garden state, girls, glassjaw, graphic design, graphics, guitar, haikus, hidden in plain view, hipster bullshit, hot hot heat, ima robot, in flames, indie, ipod, it dies today, kait, kathleen, kut u up, le tigre, less than jake, letter kills, mae, matchbook romance, max bemis, maxeen, metal gear solid, midtown, moneen, monty love, motion city soundtrack, movies, mushrooms, music, mustard plug, my bloody valentine, my chemical romance, northstar, office space, operation ivy, ozma, pennywise, philosophy, photoshop, poems, poetry, pop punk, punchline, punk, ramones, revolution on canvas, rock, saosin, say anything, screamo, sex, snowmobiling, spitalfield, straylight run, take to heart, taking back sunday, tattoos, tears for fears, the adicts, the aquabats, the bled, the blood brothers, the butcher boys, the chance, the cure, the faint, the goodwill, the lifestyle, the locust, the matches, the movielife, the postal service, the ramones, the rx bandits, the spill canvas, the suicide machines, the unwelcome, underground rock, underoath, xtc,